greendoor 04
Classic BBQ Burger
The Green Door

Even before you order anything, this place already offers you a good ambient to spend time. Find the green door and take a look behind it.

Before they moved to the new place, this restaurant took place beside Six Ounces Coffee near pasar mandiri. Now, having their own space, Green Door Kitchen has a great interior design. Not only the interior, I successfully sneak into their kitchen a while, I can see they take it very seriously. The spacious of the restaurant offers you to have private event. We order Croque Madame and Classic Burger. I have to admit, their burger is amazing. The beef was grilled very well and in the perfect time. If you guys have tried Three Bunches Burger in Senopati, nah this burger has similar taste. I expected they also give salad as side dish but anyway their veggie also quite a few inside the burger. However, for Croque Madame, I rather choose the one at Loewe or NinetyNine, sorry..but you guys are good in burger instead, so keep it up.

Menu: all day breakfast, coffee, no alcohol

Price: 100K/person

Star: 8.5/10


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