Asubisu is not really brand new restaurant. It is previously known as Basilica. Yes, ini resto yang tadinya ada di kafe tenda WGP apartment. Karena konsepnya yang berubah, which is not to focus on Italian dishes only, the owner, Edwin, decided to change the brand. Looking to his new place, Asubisu has homey interior inside with sofa on it. Unfortunately, the space is not really big, but it is enough to spend with couple friends in the weekend. For the dishes, no doubt, their pasta experience still worth to try. I order aglio olio with bacon (33k) yesterday.  But for me, the drink price still over price, and lack of variety. Tapi untungnya, mereka ga pelit untuk menaruh bacon, cukup banyak untuk satu porsi. Compare to other Italian restaurant, gw merasa ada yang kurang dari segi rasa rempah di dalamnya. Oya buat yang mau kesana, mereka ada di ruko gading kirana (ruko yang berada di seberangnya McDonald artha). They are quite hard to find because lack of signage, hope they put it soon. Overall, they are best local Italian dishes in town.

Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading, Ruko Gading Bukit Indah Q22
tel: 0818138884
Recommended Dishes
Aglio Olio with bacon/Basilica Pizza

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